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General Terms & Conditions

I. Preamble

Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl is a Swiss company.

Its head office is at:

Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl

Nord 9

2854 Bassecourt (JU)

Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl is managed by Eric Wattiez, partner and manager, with individual signature.

DEE is a registered trademark (No. 728464)

All communications of the company Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl are written in French. These terms and conditions are also available in English and German, but the French version is authentic.

II. Scope of application

These general terms and conditions apply to all orders placed with Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl, verbally or in writing.

The general conditions are systematically brought to the customer’s attention by being attached to the order.

The customer fully and unreservedly adheres to it.

In the event of a subsequent change in the general terms and conditions, those that prevailed at the time of acceptance of the order by the customer remain valid.

III. Services

Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl operates throughout Switzerland.

We work in the private sector, industry, handcrafts, hospitals, MSI…

We provide a picket service (24/24, 7/7) to treat emergencies.

We work with all major brands (Oertli, Viessmann, Buderus, Durex, Tobler, Six-Madun, Elco, Domotec, Cipag, Atlantic,Ygnis, CTC, Vaillant, Helios, Lunos, Jurapac, Daikin etc.)

Our services generally include:

• On-site travel
• Control of the installation or part of the installation concerned
• The service itself
• Waste disposal
• The rental of the equipment necessary for the performance of the service
• The supply of the products necessary for the performance of the service

The basic services of Eco Détartrage Energie Sàrl do not take into account:

• Special supplies such as valves, motors, fittings or topmeters….
• The rental of specific equipment (scaffolding for example)
• Travel greater than 25 km
• Water and energy used during service
• The shots, written reports…

Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl can draw up a free quote without obligation for any service.

The customer provides:

• A parking place near the facilities
• An electrical outlet
• A water tap
• A flow connected to a WWTP
• The space needed to perform the job
• Instructions for use and technical instructions for installations

IV. Subscriptions

The customer can at any time take out a subscription with Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl for the maintenance of its installations.

However, Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl prefers to give its customers the freedom to choose their service providers. For this purpose, we opted for a personalized and free follow-up of our files. At the deadline, you receive a phone call to set a possible next intervention.

V. Billing

Any Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl service generates a bill payable at 30 days net (except special conditions).

A first reminder is issued after the bill has expired. To please, a second reminder can be issued.

If the full payment has not been received by Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl at the end of these reminders, the file is automatically sent to a debt collection agency which will take over the rest of the procedure.

Depending on the case, Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl may require a deposit before the start of the work.

Payments are made in Swiss Francs. We also accept payments in Euros, Bitcoins or Ethereum (Other cryptocurrencies on request).

VI. Claim

Any complaint must be sent in writing to the head office of Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl immediately, at the latest within 10 days of the service. The responsibility of Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl is not engaged in case of non-compliance with the deadline or in case of aggravation of the damage.

No claim will be accepted for damage caused to objects stored inappropriately near the facilities and that the customer has refused to move.

VII. Responsibility

Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl benefits from a civil liability insurance that covers any damage caused to the facilities of its customers, within the limits provided for by the contract that binds Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl to the insurance company.

By placing an order, the customer ensures that the object to be treated is accessible. If, for safety reasons for example, objects must be moved or disassembled, Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl assumes no responsibility for damage (restoration, replacement of damaged equipment…). This also applies to surrounding objects that cannot be protected or moved.

The customer is required to inform Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl before the start of work if flows are not connected to a WWTP. In case of non-compliance with this obligation, Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl does not assume any responsibility in case of air, soil or water pollution.

In general, the information given by the customer before and during the performance of the services commits the latter. Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl cannot be held responsible in case of error or transmission of incomplete information from the customer, as well as the objective impossibility to perform the services.

VIII. Warranty

Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl guarantees the quality of the work carried out for 3 months, subject to subsequent intervention by another company or the customer, in addition if it does not comply with the technical regulations in force. In this case, Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl is released from any warranty obligation.

A reserve is issued on installations whose age is greater than 10 years or whose maintenance has not been carried out regularly and professionally.

A reserve is also issued when the circuits are clogged. It is then possible that descaling or sludge removal cannot be performed in good conditions and that the result is not entirely satisfactory. The same applies to traces of leaks, current or old that can be reactivated or amplified by treatment.   

If the responsibility of Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl is engaged, Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl undertakes to correct the defect found as soon as possible and within 10 days of receipt of the announcement made by the customer. In case of impossibility, Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl undertakes, at most, to refund the amount paid by the customer for the service concerned.

No compensation is due in case of deprivation of enjoyment.

IX. Jurisdiction and applicable law

The legal place for Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl is in Porrentruy (JU).

In case of dispute, the competent court is Porrentruy (JU).

The general conditions of Détartrage Eco Energie Sàrl are subject to Swiss law.


Bassecourt, March 2023.